Both camps provide skills that we some times ignore. Such as play away from the puck, how to create space and time and we use our body to limit needless turnovers. Just like shooting a puck over and over again, these skills also need to be practiced. 

   Mental Prep for Tryouts

July Battle and Game Awareness Camps

 July Skill Development Camp

This meeting is for players in peewee, bantam, midget and junior who are looking to have an edge going into tryouts. The players do most of their training on the ice but very little of it off the ice. We will go over the 4 key factors to being mentally toughness and being resilient. During the two day sessions we will be practicing these tactics to help you handle any adversity and emotions.

NEW Camp! July Skill Development Camp for Novice, Atom and Peewee Players.. Learn the basic techniques of passing, puck handling and wrist shoot! We will also add in small area games to help develop the skills.   

"Nothing will work unless you do." - John Wooden