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​I have for many years been asked by a number of clients if I would consider starting an off ice training programs. As time as gone on, I have come to the conclusion that I do have something to offer in this area. I ask many of the players at my camps, who works out? The majority say they do not, some say they doing most of it on their own and others are paying thousands for a trainer to work with them. Many families do not have the thousands to pay.

My training will be for those players who do not have the money to pay for training or are looking for a training program that they can take with them to their gym they attend.


The cost: $10 per month, renewed every month using PayPal. You can cancel at anytime no questions asked. Email cancellation with the email you signed up with to


Where to find the workouts - There will be a private facebook page where I will post four workouts per week and one weekend workout. The facebook link will be sent to you once first payment is received. There will be a total of 5 workouts per week. For the people who are not on facebook, we will over to send an email with the workouts to your inbox. Please send an email to if you wish to be on the email list! 


Workouts - Will require very little or no equipment. Most work outs will be body weight workouts. Some equipment you can may want to buy but not necessary are: dumbbells, slam ball, pull up bar. The workouts will be slightly different from in-season to off-season. 


Example workout:

4 rounds: 75 single skips, 12 push ups, 15 ghd situps

2 to 3 mile run

5 rounds: 10 Bench Press #135, 10 dumbbell Shoulder Press #30, Max Strict Ring Dips, 1 min pushups, 1:30 sec rest

5 rounds: Max strict ring row, 10 Dumbbell row per side #50, 15 band pull downs, 1 min plank, 3 min stationary bike - all done with #20 weight vest


Extras - I will also post other fitness articles, hockey information and links to how to do some of the movements in the workouts. From time to time, I will post my workouts, you can give those a go if you would like. 









My purpose is to help people become more driven, disciplined and determined with their personal goals. I have been coaching and inspiring people for the past 20 years. I have a deep passion for the game of hockey and personal development. I want to see people succeed! I have been using Beach body products since 2011. During this time Insanity and P90X have my go to workout programs, along with Shakeology (Chocolate is my favourite) for my recovery drink. I believe in the Beach Body products, as they have made a huge difference in my life. Beachbody was the start of me making a huge change in my self confidence and tested me to more than I thought possible. Today I am a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach, completed a Seal Fit Basic Academy, Seal Fit 20XS, numerous Spartan races and Go Ruck events. I want to give back to other people who are looking for direction to improve their current situation. It is all possible with some drive, discipline and a Great Coach!












I have used Shakeology for over seven years. It is very versatile, can used as a meal replacement, recovery drink or morning breakfast option. I have tried protein powders, recovery drinks and other type of shakes, nothing has come close the benefits of Shakeology.  The shake is very high quality and I highly recommend it. 


Please watch this video to learn about Shakeology

Here is a write up regarding Shakeology

Some other great advantages


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