Services for Teams/Associations:

Our Services

 1. Coaching Symposiums and Instructional Clinics

 2. Specific Skill Clinics

 3. On Ice Support and analysis of individual teams  


We can help teams and individuals improve on the following skills/tactics:

1.   Game Awareness

2.   Puck Control

3.   Shooting and Scoring

4.   Body Contact

5.   Creating Offense and Creative Thinking

6.   Tactical Skills

7.   Special Teams

8.   Small Area Games

9.   Developing Defensemen

10. Battle Clinics


  1. On ice support with the organization and implementing a practice plan.

  2. Teaching specialty skill and tactical clinics for your players and coaches.

  3. Coach mentoring services available to support and further develop all levels of your coaching within your association. 

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Team/Association Training

Player Consulting

Core Hockey do consultations with any player who is playing Peewee and higher.  Consultations can include one or all of the following:

Goal Setting
Mental Training
Life Skills Training
1 on 1 on ice Tactical Development 
Practice Evaluation

Game Evaluation
Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep

This program has been developed to improve the player both on and off the ice. Core Hockey will push the player to think and play out side their box. Moto – Be Better Every Day!

Please contact us for pricing and availability.