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Welcome to our reviews page—a space filled with authentic experiences and insights! Discover what our customers say about our camps/servies. From heartfelt testimonials to constructive feedback, these reviews reflect real encounters. Dive in to explore the voices that shape our commitment to quality and excellence.

January 2024 - Winter Skills Camp

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for helping O. build so much confidence this year. She just finished your shooting camp with you Wednesday and had a tournament this weekend. She played the best game of her life defensively, scored two beautiful goals from the blue line, and got the game MVP. On our way back to the hotel we were talking about her game and she said do you wanna know why I think I played so well? Obviously I  said yes and she told me it was something you said to her. Now I cant remember exactly what it was, but something along the lines of the intensity of a practice and putting it into a game (or something like that).  Anyways, you’ve helped her tremendously this year and I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much her and I appreciate it. Last year she was considering quitting and she’s done a complete 180. Keeping girls in sports is  so important and you’ve played such a role in that for her. You’re a great coach and one of the reasons O. has re-found her passion for the game. 

Thank you so much, 



MM, Sept 29, 2023

My son took two of your battle camps in the summer, and it helped him so much! A few people have commented it looks like hes changed over the summer, one person commented hes more gritty. I’ve been meaning to leave you guys a good review, but I will definitely be recommending you guys!


August 2023 - Battle Camp

Hey just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks. My son had a lot of takeaways that he has already used in other camps and shinny skates. By far the best camp he attended this year and I can almost be sure we will be back for more.Not overly priced, not packed with players, good instruction with lots of good solid reps, and very engaging for the players. My son worked hard but enjoyed every second.


August 2023

Just wanted to let you know that on the drive home from hockey last night, J. tells me “Mom, I’m so glad you put me in these camps, they’re fun…I just love hockey.” How cool is that! You and the coaches at Core are doing it right…learn, improve and have fun. Thank you!



June 18, 2023 - Defenceman Advanced Shooting Camp

Hope this email finds you well. I want to first and foremost thank you and Blair for putting such an awesome camp together. After the first day of the camp, my son could not wait until the next camp. He was so excited to come back, that he would literally come to me and say dad we have to leave, and as a subtle hint for me to get moving, he would open the garage door and wait outside with the hockey sticks and bag. After the camp was over, I asked him if he could rate this camp against all others he has ever attended, he thought for a little and said he rates this camp a 10 out of 10. 
I found out after the last day of camp, that he had been taking notes since day one of the camp on his phone. He's cataloged everything he needs to work on, so thanks for great advice. 


June 14, 2023 - Battle Camp

Thank you for running the  battle camp this past week.  My son has been very hesitant to fight for the puck and engage in any kind of contact on the ice (despite being one of the biggest kids).  The camp was challenging for him, and yet he had some proud moments and feels he learned approaches he didn't know before. I think he'll be a lot less worried about puck battles going into next season.


June 13, 2023 - Battle Camp

Just wanted to let you know how much C. is loving this camp! He comes off the ice with a huge smile on his face and says he is learning so much! He tells me all the coach’s are so nice and encouraging to him do better all the time. 


September 26, 2022 - Private Small Group Game Awareness Camp

Blair, he loved your camp. It started with the level of competition and having to go up against kids that were bigger, stronger, more skilled, and also wanted to be there. It was then followed by the attention to detail and feedback you provided the boys throughout the practices. It was consistent, meaningful, but also light hearted and humourous. D. loved the chirping. 


August 26, 2022 - Game Awareness Camps

I am filled with gratitude for the summer training you provided our boy. It's been exciting to see him push himself out of his comfort zone. The small group game awareness camps were exactly what he needed -- no where to really coast. We saw a ton of growth. Plus the invitations to skate with the "visors" was very meaningful to him. What a great experience! Thank you for taking the time to talk with him about his goals, his mindset and his mental preparation. That investment of your care and attention really made a big difference as he heads into try outs. Thanks again. Please keep in touch with other training opportunities and I know we will be back for more training with you 

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